Press Release: Uplift Inglewood Coalition Submits More Than 14,000 Signatures to Put Rent Control on the Ballot in Inglewood



The Uplift Inglewood Coalition submits 14,181 signatures to pass a rent control charter amendment in the City of Inglewood

Uplift Inglewood Coalition

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INGLEWOOD, CA — On Tuesday, May 5, 2018, the Uplift Inglewood Coalition submitted 14,181 signatures for a petition to put a rent stabilization charter amendment on the ballot inhe City of Inglewood. The charter amendment aims to address the rising cost of housing in Inglewood and stabilize the amount that landlords can increase rents on an annual basis.

The Uplift Inglewood Coalition is a group of residents, businesses, faith groups, and community organizations working together to ensure the vision of Inglewood’s future includes and benefits everyone. The coalition is focused on addressing the rising cost of housing in Inglewood.

Coalition member, Inglewood Unified School District Board Trustee and Executive Director of the Social Justice Learning Institute, Dr. D’Artagnan Scorza explains:

“Our community is rising up and taking action for secure housing and ensuring everyone benefits from Inglewood’s future prosperity,” said Dr. Scorza. “By gathering more than 14,000 signatures for the rent stabilization initiative, we’ve ignited a grassroots  movement that will fight for Inglewood families, our students and neighbors and ensure they have access to secure housing in the future.”

In 2016, the average cost of rent in Inglewood increased by 8 percent from $1,237 to $1,331.

The median household income in Inglewood is 20 percent less than the average in Los Angeles County, and 64 percent of residents are renters. Currently, Inglewood landlords can increase rents by any amount. Uplift Inglewood Coalition members have seen rent hikes range from $100 - $1,000 with short notice. This includes multiple instances where corporate entities have taken ownership of properties and increased rents by $1,000 on entire buildings. These increasingly common 

corporate practices destabilize the rental market and cause distress and displacement in the community.

Resident, Kish Lewis, who grew up in Inglewood and is now facing a $1,000 rent increase speaks directly to this issue:

“In my case, as a single parent it has been incredibly difficult,” said Lewis. “The proposed $1,000 rent increase would eat up my entire salary, leaving absolutely no room for necessities such as utilities, medical expenses and groceries. Rent control would avoid displacing many long-term Inglewood families.”

The Uplift Inglewood Coalition is filing a rent control initiative as a tool to stabilize the rental market and prevent the displacement of long-term Inglewood residents in the midst of a statewide housing and homelessness crisis.



Founded in 2015, the Uplift Inglewood Coalition was created in response to the rising costs of living and housing. The coalition members are parents, teachers, students, faith leaders, residents, elders, youth, business owners, renters, homeowners, and community members looking to help shape the future of our city so that working families can continue to live in Inglewood and benefit from the city’s resurgence. The purpose of the coalition is bring together Inglewood residents with one voice to educate neighbors and advocate for change. Uplift Inglewood Coalition wants secure housing for working families, safer neighborhoods, and community-centered development and is organizing for sustainable community investment that addresses the rising cost of rent and housing prices.





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