Homes Before Arenas - No on SB 789

Let's Ask Our City to Put Homes Before Arenas and Create a Common Vision for the Future

Homes Before Arenas - Don't uproot families. Uplift communities and advocate for affordable housing

Sign the Petition and Ask Our State Legislature to Vote No on SB 789.

SB 789 would bypass California's landmark environmental law to put another arena in Inglewood. This bill is a backroom deal Clippers owner Steve Ballmer cut with politicians to hurt our community. 

If this law is passed, Inglewood residents will experience more traffic and air pollution with no opportunity for our community to stand up and make our voice heard.

How did we get here?

In June 2017, it was announced that the City of Inglewood has an exclusive negotiating agreement to build a Los Angeles Clippers arena on public land. This has the potential to displace thousands of residents.

Fortunately, because we fought back, the city re-drafted the deal to exclude residents and churches from their plans to use eminent domain. However, our local businesses are still threatened and families aren't in the clear. With the re-drafted deal, the city still reserved their power to use eminent domain anywhere, including against residents, at their discretion.

We expect the Clippers to be a good neighbor but good neighbors don't cut backroom deals to skirt environmental laws to leave our community with more traffic and poor air quality.

What do we really need?

Inglewood already lacks affordable housing and this project would exacerbate the housing crisis, displacing families, and promoting gentrification. We need to focus on secure housing for working families so that young people can build their family and future in Inglewood. Public land should be used to benefit and strengthen the Inglewood community, not shatter middle-class families' futures.

Inglewood's Housing and Land Use Elements indicate that this land is better positioned for workforce housing and the use of low-income housing tax credits, rather than building an arena that would displace families.

Take Action

SB 789 would fast track building an arena, stripping away important environmental reviews and fostering closed-room conversation. Passing this legislation would condone ignoring the voice of our community and our need for more housing. This process needs to be transparent and allow for input from our residents. 

We're asking the legislature to advocate for building more housing and ensure that our community isn't disrupted at the hands of legislation.

Sign the petition to say No to SB 789.

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