Campaign Issue Areas

The Uplift Inglewood Coalition welcomes equitable and sustainable community investment in our city to ensure the future prosperity for all of our residents.

Our coalition has gathered community input through one-on-one conversations, community surveys, and community forums.

Through our outreach efforts, we have identified five key areas for Inglewood's city leaders to address.

Housing: Residents are concerned about the rising cost of living and housing. We believe that every family deserves secure housing and that's why we're asking the city to create a dedicated fund for construction of new housing and protection for a renter's right to live in a safe and well-maintained place without fear of eviction.

Education: Our students need a safe place to study and play after school. That's why we're advocating for afterschool programs as well as the development and funding of robust ethnic studies, arts, and vocational training programs for all Inglewood Unified students.

Jobs: While the cost of living has increased in our city, salaries have not. We want to see a living wage implemented in Inglewood along with increased investment in our community's local small businesses.

Health/ Environment: We seek environmental justice and ensuring that the city encourages a more healthful living. We want city resources to aid the health concerns of our youth and senior residents by creating more community gardens, expanding green energy programs, and pushing for a moratorium on any new liquor stores in Inglewood.

City Governance: We want to increase civic participation by changing our city council meetings to a time when more working residents can attend. We want the formation of an elected police review board that can help ensure the quality of policing in Inglewood. We also ask that the City of Inglewood and the Inglewood Police Department stand in solidarity with Inglewood's immigrant communities, amidst the egregious federal policy's of the Trump Administration.