About the Uplift Inglewood Coalition



In the wake of the news that the Los Angeles Rams and Chargers will be moving to Inglewood, there has been increased interest in development in the city. Inglewood neighborhoods are quickly changing, and the residents are bearing the brunt of this change. As the cost of living in Inglewood continues to increase, residents who have lived in the area for decades are becoming more at risk of being priced out of their homes. It is because of these dynamics, among others, that the Uplift Inglewood Coalition was created.

The Uplift Inglewood Coalition aims to give a voice to all Inglewood residents. The Coalition was founded in 2015 and consists of residents, businesses, faith groups, and community organizations all working together to ensure the vision of Inglewood's future includes and benefits everyone.

The purpose of the coalition is to strengthen Inglewood residents’ political power through education, advocacy, and direct action. We want community-centered development, affirming the right to truly affordable housing in a safe and thriving neighborhood. The coalition organizes for sustainable community investment while standing against mass evictions, displacement, and all of the negative effects associated with gentrification.

The Uplift Inglewood Coalition believes that everyone should have secure housing and is working to get the City of Inglewood to change their priorities.


Before the Uplift Inglewood Coalition came together, Inglewood residents lacked a strong, united communication channel that could speak to the collective concerns that neighborhoods were experiencing. Inglewood residents want to better the community and make it a safer place where everyone has an equal opportunity to live here, independent of class or race. There is a universal agreement that the community would like to see progress to occur. It does not, however, want it to be at the expense of the people who call Inglewood home.

Through 1-on-1 conversations, community surveys, and community forums, the coalition has gathered enough community input to identify 5 key areas to focus on that will help ensure more equitable community investment, while keeping the community intact. Housing has emerged as a top priority.

The 5 Key Areas



Jobs & Economics

Health & Environment

City Governance