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Los Angeles Times: Bill to Fast-Track L.A. Olympics Projects, Clippers Arena Stalls

9/8/17 -

Los Angeles Times: Don't Bend California's Environmental Rules for Billionaire Sports Owners or the Olympics


9/8/17 -

Los Angeles Times: California Lawmakers Pitch a Break From a Key Environmental Law to Help L.A. Olympic Bid, Clippers Arena


9/1/17 -

Los Angeles Times: Backers of a new Clippers arena in Inglewood push a last-minute plan in Sacramento


8/23/17 -

Los Angeles Times: Inglewood Residents, Church Won't Be Displaced Under New Agreement Between City Council and Clippers on Potential Arena

8/15/17 -

Los Angeles Times: After Protests, Inglewood City Council to Vote on Shrinking Area for Possible Clippers Arena

8/14/17 -

Los Angeles Times: Possible Clippers Arena Has Many Inglewood Residents Worried They May Lose Their Homes or Businesses


8/13/17 -

Los Angeles Times: Forum Owners Sue Inglewood Over Records for Proposed Clippers Arena


7/28/17 -

Los Angeles Times: Inglewood City Council Reapproves Negotiating Agreement to Bring Clippers to the City


7/21/17 -

Los Angeles Times: Inglewood Will Vote on Deal for Clippers to Explore New Arena


6/14/2017 -

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